After Nearly 2,000 Years, Boudica Finally Re-Pays Rome with a Visit! - Boudica Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Boudica visits colosseum, Rome

After Nearly 2,000 Years, Boudica Finally Re-Pays Rome with a Visit!

As the Romans visited Boudica nearly 2,000 years ago, we thought it time that Boudica’s presence be felt in Rome. We knew the ladies of Boudica Shampoos & Conditioners would encounter challenges throughout the ancient city, but we believed through careful planning and formulation, Boudica would fare better this time.

Boudica visits the Pantheon, Rome
Boudica visits the Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon is a place of deep contemplation and heavenly thoughts. While we can’t give you a halo, the unmistakable glow of Boudica Shine Shampoo & Smooth & Shine Conditioner is the next best earthly thing.

Boudica Visits Trevi Fountain, Rome
Boudica visits the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

The glorious splashing waters of the Trevi Fountain pose particular challenges for maintaining the purest, cleanest hair. That’s why Boudica Clarifying Shampoo and Body & Volume Conditioner are a must after pool and sea water activities, or for eliminating excess hair oil.

Boudica visits the Spanish Steps, Rome
Boudica visits the Spanish Steps, in Rome

Climbing all 135 stairs of The Spanish Steps can cause even well-behaved hair to go wild. With Boudica Control Shampoo & Shine Conditioner, your hair will be as disciplined as a Roman Legion.

Boudica Visits Palantine Hill
Boudica Visits The Palantine Hill in Rome

As we approached the grandeur of the Colosseum, nothing less than Boudica Volumizing Shampoo and Body & Volume Conditioner would suffice. Not surprisingly, a local Goddess, who seemed a bit compressed into the wall, wanted Boudica Volumizing.

Boudica visits colosseum, Rome
Boudica visits the Colosseum, in Rome.

Those who battled in the Colosseum knew the importance of freedom. Certified Vegan Boudica frees your hair of harsh chemicals such as Sulphates, Glycol, Harsh Salts, Dye & Parabens while gracing it with natural aromatherapy oils & nourishing vitamins.

Boudica visits Vittorio, Rome
Queen Boudica’s presence herself, visits Vittorio, in Rome

We’d like to think that our ancient namesake, Queen Boudica, ‘of long flaming hair,’ would finally be at peace, seeing the achievement of both peoples. Perhaps she’s enjoying a cappuccino with her Roman counterparts, while admiring the ease of hair maintenance, with her own brand of Shampoos and Conditioners.