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We have good news. After a few months' gap, we are restocking. Boudica shampoos and conditioners are now available in the US and will be available in the UK by June 2021. We apologize for the delay. Demand has been so high that we could not keep up during these crazy times. But now, we are almost fully stocked again. To order, simply visit Amazon and enter 'Boudica Shampoo' or 'Boudica Conditioner', in the product search bar.

Press Release – Boudica Launches World’s Most Luxurious (and Expensive) Shampoo

Following eight years of research, Boudica Naturals is pleased to announce the launch of Boudica Sulphate Free Shampoos and Conditioner.  The Hertfordshire based Boudica Naturals is a sister company of HealthClub Partners, a supplier of shampoos to leading UK spas since 1996. The vast majority of shampoos contain sulphates, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which are known to wash out both hair dye and keratin hair straightening treatments.  Boudica is a Sulphate Free shampoo, meaning a colour and…

Press Release – Scientists Finally Crack “The Shampoo Code” & Launch In USA

For many years, scientists and other “hair experts” have been trying to create a shampoo with healthful ingredients that also produces beautiful hair.  Most popular, commonly-used shampoo brands pack shockingly unhealthy or eco-unfriendly ingredients.  Conversely, many “healthy” shampoos don’t even foam and often cause bad hair days.  Combining verifiably healthy ingredients with equally verifiable great results is the holy grail of hair care, or what we call “The Shampoo Code”.  We can prove that for the first…