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Why Can’t Anyone Produce A Shampoo That Is Healthy And Also Works Great?

This seems like a simple enough proposition. One would think that after all these years and with many millions invested, that our greatest scientists and hair artists would have already done this. But one look at the high numbered (un-healthy) ingredients, bottom graph below, of a so called “mild” shampoo, tells us that this is not the case.   Many of these ingredients in this best-selling brand rank above three, based on the authoritative Environmental…

Could Boudica Have Saved Queen Elizabeth I?

The choice of personal care products by Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603 a.d.) was not a good one, certainly not up to her usual high standard of decision making. During her lifetime, little was known of the detrimental effect of certain ingredients, even the natural ones that caused her problems. In fact, many historians believe them to have been responsible for her death. This is especially sad for the Boudica Shampoo & Conditioners team, since it…

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