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We have good news. After a few months' gap, we are restocking. Boudica shampoos and conditioners are now available in the US and will be available in the UK by March 2021. We apologize for the delay. Demand has been so high that we could not keep up during these crazy times. But now, we are almost fully stocked again. To order, simply visit Amazon and enter 'Boudica Shampoo' or 'Boudica Conditioner', in the product search bar.

Science Without Nature Is Soulless

Nature Without Science Is Wild

Shampoos and soaps are amazing products that have dramatically improved our quality of life. Before their advent, life was shorter and people did not enjoy modern hygiene standards. But as the medical establishment tells us, with every bit of medicine there’s always a side effect. Producing the finest quality of hair with the healthiest ingredients is no easy task. We feel that the BOUDICA® range of hair products has gone far further than any brand in meeting this lofty goal. We don’t just talk about it, we demonstrate Boudica’s unique quality through hard evidence.

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another delighted Boudica fan, via Amazon

My daughter has very sensitive skin and this is the first time she’s washed her hair without her skin being red and angry… just wish I’d found this product sooner. Thank you.

another delighted Boudica fan, via Amazon