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Beautiful Hair From A Healthy Shampoo

We’ve Cracked The Code

We’ve created natural shampoos and conditioners that are both healthy for you and do a magnificent job for your hair, while retaining keratin-straightening and colour treatment. We call this “Cracking The Shampoo Code”, a unique event in the hair care business. We only considered the code cracked after it was independently and scientifically documented. After all, statements without independent verification are merely greenwash, meaning without substance.

At Boudica®, we know that beautiful hair can come from healthy, natural products that are also good for you and good for the environment. Our inspiring 4.9/5.0 domestic Amazon customer feedback rating (which changes continuously) is earned, one beautiful head of hair at a time.

But how healthy are our certified vegan, beauty-inducing products? The graph below provides striking evidence as to why you should upgrade your shampoo and conditioner. With the help of the authoritative and independent EWG (Environmental Working Group/Skin Deep) database, we’ve rated every Boudica ingredient and compared them with that of a so-called healthy, colour , keratin-friendly competitive brand. The healthier, lower numbered Boudica ingredients show Boudica’s astounding benefits.

Protect your precious investment in hair treatments by
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Dr. Sonoo Advani MD, Integrative Endocrinologist, Greater New York Area

It is important that the shampoos and conditioners that we use on our hair be free of harsh, toxic chemicals. Although these are external products, they do get absorbed through the hair and skin and can cause internal damage. I was thrilled to finally find Boudica, a clean, natural shampoo which I can use daily and is food for good hair.

Dr. Sonoo Advani MD, Integrative Endocrinologist, Greater New York Area