Daniel Rudy - Boudica Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Daniel Rudy

Chairman, Boudica™ Naturals

Daniel literally grew up with personal care products around him since his father was a noted Unilever product development scientist. His lifelong goal of producing the perfect blend of the most healthful, natural and highest performing hair product, has culminated in Boudica™. Prior to Boudica™, Daniel helped to develop natural personal care products for many of the most prestigious day spas and health clubs in the UK and USA. He has a profound interest in both nature and science, having a Master of Science in Engineering. Daniel is also a keen digital marketer, holding the prestigeous Google Partner Badge. Born in the USA, Daniel spent 15 years in the UK, having co-founded Boudica in 2014. He is married with three children and resides primarily in the USA.

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